Lets talk about buying vs renting a home.

Moving into a new area is always challenging. First you are unfamiliar with the area and second do not know how much your money will buy.

Please consider renting a home first.

buying vs renting a homeThis will allow an understanding of the different areas, for example, would you prefer water front property, rolling hills, small farm, large farm, downtown Victorian, etc…

Perks of renting first:

  1. Where would you rather live? Red Bluff, Proberta, Corning, Cottonwood, or Gerber. Each offers unique living.
  2. Time to pick the right house. Allows you to wait for just the right house to come on the market.

Perks of Buying Immediately

  1. If the housing market was increasing at such a level that you would not be able to afford a home in a year if you waited.
  2. Interest rates were going up at a drastic rate and you had to buy now.

When it comes to buying vs renting a home, every person has their own unique situation and what is right for one person may not be right for another. Weigh your options and then make your move.