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Planning a Great Summer Vacation For Your Red Bluff Kids


We all remember our summer vacations as amazing, magical times, full of ice cream, pool parties, fireworks, and firefly hunts. As adults, we tend to idealize summer vacation while forgetting how much of that time was actually spent being bored at home, with nothing besides TV to take up the time usually filled by school [...]

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Attention Renter! Should you buy that duplex?


Even though you are currently a renter, at some point you may buy a house. If you have never purchased a home before there is good news called First Time Home Buyers. This type of purchase enables all first time home buyers to buy a property with little up front cash, low interest rates and in [...]

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First Time Rental Home Investors


First time home investors - Must Have Tips. Are you wanting to invest in a rental house? Here are my must have tips. 1) Talk to a Real Estate professional who specializes in investment property. Looking for multi family property or single family homes? What is the difference? 2) Talk to an Accountant or CPA. [...]

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