Are you moving to a new city? Upgrading your rental? need a larger/smaller space?

Chances are you have already been looking at available rentals. In Northern California it is very hard to find an available rental. The housing market finally had an upswing in the last couple of years and Sellers are now able to sell their property without a loss. To be specific, higher end rentals are in high demand.

How do you Find Tehama County Rental Houses?

Tehama County Rental House

  1. Call a property management company. They have a large pool of properties for rent and they will be the first to know if a property will be on the market in the future.
  2. Drive around the area you want. Yes this takes time but some owners will try and rent the house out first before hiring and company and you just may get lucky.
  3. The Internet. Zillow, Craigstlist, Trulia, Hotpads…there are many,many sites dedicated to helping people find rentals.
  4. The news paper. Yes, the local paper. There are owners who do not own a smart phone or a computer and will do it the old fashion way- put an ad in the local paper.

If you are someone that is looking for a higher end rental I would suggest all the above every day. Those rentals will be gone very quickly. Often times new tenants are found before the rentals are even listed. Find a company that has a large inventory of high quality houses for rent. Even if you don’t see the rental you are interested in. We encourage prospective tenants to put in an application. When they have a new rental you are already approved and can move on it immediately.